The Voice

Here is the preface to Miracles and Messengers, Transforming Your Life Now, which describes the taking of dictation, or scribing, for six spiritual messages from a guiding voice that suddenly came from out-of-time:


On May 31, 1988, an invisible presence began to communicate with me. Twelve days later, I held in my hands this angel message, “Miracles and Messengers.”  Other messages followed.  This is the first.  I accept it as a gift of guidance for myself and for others like me.

As I continued to take down the message and grew more comfortable and accepting of this guidance, I asked, “So who are you and who has sent you?”

The answer in part was this: “You may think of me as your guide, or guardian angel, and know that I have been with you all of your life and you can call on me for help at any time.”

When I asked the purpose of this angel’s sudden contact with me, I was told, “It is my intention to give you information about A Course in Miracles in order that people will be able to understand it better.”

Between June and December of 1988, five book-length messages were dictated to me. This was the first.  The angel guidance updated the message in 1994 and again in 2014, saying “many more are now ready to hear this.”

In 1998, as I continued to take the dictation, the messages offered to me by this invisible angel guide seemed to arrive through a gentle, patient voice, with its own personality. I asked if this presence had a name.

The reply came immediately:

“Compassion, Peace and Love”

When I searched for words to express the experience of my contact with this angel, or intuitive guiding presence, that presence broke into my own thoughts to provide the words which followed mine. I had just written about an image I held in my mind during the days that preceded meeting this unexpected guide.

“I ‘see’ the compassionate eyes of someone who is a master teacher…” Then I was stuck, unable to find the words, but the guide dictated the rest:

“…not really a visualization, more like an impression or a sense of connection to a being who is as close to me as my own breathing and yet separate from my personal consciousness. I cannot adequately explain it in words.  I can only experience it in the consciousness of this

My hand traced a circle on the page, somehow pushed by an unseen energy which then guided the pen around and around the circle, as though demonstrating that the circle had no beginning and no end. At once this loving angel guide went on to explain:

“The CIRCLE means… it is unexplainable in words, but know that you are enfolded in the arms of One who is compassion, peace and tender love for all mankind.”

Here, then, is “Miracles and Messengers,” the first message regarding our transformation, for those who feel called to receive it.

Pamela Schueller

June, 2014


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