Already December 8th!

“Tell the readers a story! Because without a story, you are merely using words to prove you can string them together in logical sentences.”
– Anne McCaffrey

Book Two: The Miracle Teachings… First edit done. Formatting begun. This formatting is somewhat more complicated than Miracles and Messengers, since it is a combination of questions channeled by the guide and then answered, plus notes I took and a diary I kept, which tell the story of my experience of what was happening to me.

I don’t read much else, because my eyes get tired after four to six hours a day of editing or formatting. But an old friend recently reminded me of how much I like Hafiz, as translated by Daniel Ladinsky for the modern world. The beginning of one poem, “The Theater of Freedom,” begins with words that reflect what the dictation I received seems to be doing:

In my divine studio
What I have been working on is this:

Painting the Truth
A more realistic picture of God…

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New Promotion & Love Story

PROMOTIONAL OFFER: I will email you a copy of all prominent questions and answers about angels and angel guidance, from the yet-to-be-published second angel message, “The Miracle Teachings of a Guide, “Compassion, Peace and Love.” Simply buy a copy of “Miracles and Messengers, Transforming Your Life Now” from or Kindle and send a copy of the receipt along with your email address to or to my physical address, listed in the book, and I will email you my collection of these specific questions and answers excerpted from the manuscript. The complete manuscript will be published in January, 2015 and cover a series of spiritual and practical questions you might want to ask an angel guide if you happened to run into one on the street.

”Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

LOVE STORY: Apparently, I love anything to do with writing and editing and books in general. I can go to and read descriptions of books for hours, just to see all the new books being written in all genres. And a new blog has captured my interest as a writer, also: Although I spend most of my computer time editing “The Miracle Teachings of a Guide…” and quieting my mind to reach the place where additions and corrections to the text flow naturally onto the page, I can be distracted by anything book-related. Luckily emails me short articles I can read and absorb quickly (in addition to tons of ads offering to teach me through on-line seminars or sell me books). But venturing further afield, I’m finding, is a real temptation many writers and editors and readers, too, must face, as an internet romp can eat up hours of time and can be very distracting, as well as informative and engrossing! (Anyone wish to comment about that?)

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Writing Down the Days

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining;
show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
-Anton Chekov

I am halfway through the initial edit of the second book, “The Miracle Teachings…” which is divided by the day: May 31st to June 28th, 1988, with additions later. I am editing the questions and answers from June 15th and today is November 16th. If I can edit one section each day, with two days off for Thanksgiving, the first edit should be finished by the end of the month. This book will also contain sections from my diary, kept during the time when the dictation was taking place, and I am amazed by what happened then and how much I’d forgotten. I’m always interested in reading what happened next. I wonder if the diary entries will interest anyone else? Formatting the message will take three or four weeks, probably all of December.

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Editing while listening

PAM 09-5

Editing a dictated message by an angel guide or guidance, when self-published, means there is no editor sending me suggestions for revisions. The guidance itself may insert suggestions as I go along and that is difficult to explain. Other editing consists of clarifying an idea or chosing another word to avoid repetition or adding something to improve the flow of the sentence. A page or two may be edited in a short time, or a paragraph may seem too vague or appear to have something missing that would bring it up to date, or not seem to be connected to the paragraph at hand. That may take more time and I may need to sit still for a while until the needed words flow in. Ocasionally, I insert a question and wait to see if an answer is supplied. Later, however, during a second reading, the guide may remove it. Again, I can’t explain, as it is not how my everyday mind works. However, it does seem to be more internalized, intuitive and integrated than it was in the beginning, in l988.
To successfully market the messages, I would apparently need a more interactive website, with a broader theme, and various articles and information that would interest those of you who visit, and also, a newsletter, and in it promotions and free give aways and special offers that would attract customers and offer what is of value to you/them. I read articles on marketing now and wonder how much time and energy and other resources I could devote to that part of the adventure, while still continuing to edit and publish the messages themselves.
This second one, “The Miracle Teachings of an Angel Guide,” keeps me turning pages, because in it are diary entries from 1988, which tell me about my experience. I had forgotten so much about what happened and why and how! The Diary entries interest even me and keep me coming back to edit from one day to the next. I wonder what the carrot on the end of the stick will be for Book Three?
Anyone is welcome to contact me and share what your interests are and what kind of blog, with what kinds of information, would keep you coming back for more? Contact me at:

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A day in the life of a secretary/scribe/channel…

What does a secretary/scribe/editor’s day look like?  I wake up at six or seven, make a cup of coffee, sit at the computer and begin to edit.  My cell phone is turned off and I live alone. I edit for an hour or two or three and then have breakfast.  Then edit until eleven or twelve or one in the afternoon.  For a break I run to the post office, or the bank, or the supermarket, though that is last on my list.  Then I make lunch and edit again until three or four or five or six.  Sometimes my eyes give out.  One morning a week I meet friends for breakfast.  Three evenings a week I work out at a fitness center.  One afternoon I meet with a writer’s group in a home, an intimate affair, a gathering of like-minded friends.  I have squeezed in hours of studying marketing tips, relearning Facebook, exploring Twitter, and messaging acquaintances, telling them one book is out and available now.  Twice I have had a self-taught computer expert come to help me out.  My newly purchased Kindle arrived in the mail yesterday.  It needed a WI-Fy thingamabob and another gadget to pick up or send out the signal.  It has a name I can’t remember.  It’s very cute.

Of course, I’ve no time to read them, but I would like to download a number of books on the Kindle.  I usually watch an hour or more of  T.V., off and on, after dinner, and go back to the computer until 12:30 or 1 in the morning.  By then I’m tired enough to sleep.  My mid-morning snack is yoghurt with fruit and cheerios sprinkled on the top, for crunch.  In the afternoon it’s a handful of chips and half of a small diet coke.  Most Sundays I take the morning off and go to the Healing Center.  When there’s no food in the house, I shop.  Both the paperback and the e-book had to be revised this week.  On page  1 the date read 1998.  It is supposed to read 1988.  The mistake was mine. There were also a few minor changes.   I put the corrected e-book version through at 2 a.m. this morning.  The new version is available now.  Mail is stacked on the table.  I haven’t opened my mail for a week.

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Twitter Who?

A friend convinced me to try Twitter again. Such interesting people there! (I think I twittered myself tonight. I have no idea, yet, what I’m actually doing. I’ll have to watch a Twitter tutorial on U-Tube.) Tomorrow, back to editing The Miracle Teachings.

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Vacation Over: Keep Truckin’ !

PAM 04-5
Fall has been glorious! Five days away: Visited the Foundation, gave Joann the first royalty check. YEAH! Saw play with old friends, “The Color Purple.” So well staged, a musical gem. These friends willingly bought Miracles and Messengers as a contribution to the nonprofit foundation which serves their community. Then visited family, always heartwarming and hospitable and energetic. And now back. With minimal reformatting, submitted e-book file to Kindle ( about midnight last night. (Ignore community users answers to questions. Follow KDP instructions or email them for help.) I couldn’t follow KDP instructions easily, either, but stumbled on the right spot eventually. (If createspace has done the paperback, transfer to Kindle e-book is easier, it seems to me.) E-book should be available on Kindle within 24 hours! Will continue to edit The Miracle Teachings today and dip my toe further into advertising and marketing, which is almost like playing Blind Man’s Bluff. Eventually my brain might touch on the right stuff. I sit still at times, making room for common sense and inspiration to slip in.

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Books Arrive!

Well, who knows what’s going to happen next? When I checked online, I found no update saying the books that I ordered had been printed. But then, yesterday, a box of books arrived at the post office. Surprise! I have already started editing the next manuscript, The Miracle Teachings of A Guide, but now this elephant sits in the room with me, with words tatooed on its chest: ADVERTISING AND MARKETING. I’ve reviewed some articles through Writer’s Digest and Createspace online, and saved a bunch to read later…er, now, that is…but instead I sorted out my winter clothes and began to pack the summer ones away. Why can’t writers just WRITE! And editors just edit! I’m two years old again, kicking my heels against the floorboards and screaming at the top of my lungs–metaphorically speaking, of course! I signed up to have a table at a local fair in a nearby small town, in December, a sort of suicide mission. Almost everyone in small towns already belongs to a traditional church and has no interest in a new slant on things spiritual and transformational…but there are always a few, I hope. Anyway, I’ll find out then!

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Final Proof, finally approved by me.

I think I sent through the “final proof” for “final review” about six times.  I kept finding mistakes: typos, punctuation, grammar, a missing word.  But I’m happy to say that finally practical won out over perfectionist.  I’m sure there are still mistakes.  I’ll let the readers, if Miracles and Messengers ever has any, find the rest.  Createspace says it will be on sale in paperback form, on, by the middle to the end of this week…  Actually, I just checked and it is available NOW!

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Highjacked computer repaired, final publisher check on “Miracles and Messengers” pending

What a relief!  Radio Shack cleared my hard drive of viruses and pop up ads and installed new virus protection and answered all my questions on how to prevent this happening again…until the next new scam or tactic comes along!  (The invaders get 2 cents for every ad they pop up on a computer screen, so if they pop them up often on a million computers, like every two minutes while I’m trying over and over to bring up the screen I want…then blocking my screen with ads must pay their rent or support their family somewhere in the world.)  The ones who highjacked the browser, well I cancelled my credit cards and suspended online banking and started a proceeding through the credit card company…and all that jazz!

Final template of corrected manuscript was delayed one day, but I forwarded it to the Createspace team last night and in 24 hours they will let me know if it’s a “go” — if it meets all their requirements.  June to September – four months of learning the Microsoft Word 2010 and the Createspace systems, so that “Miracles and Messengers” gets published real soon, and I know that I can aim for the goal:  key in, edit, and ready for publication, one at a time, the next five messages before October 1st of 2015.   It’s amazing that anyone willing  and able can now learn how to do it and get a book published.  The question is, does anyone have an interest?  Will anyone buy it or read it?  I do have my doubts about that.  Can I believe the guidance when it said I was not to have any concern on that score?  I know my schedule leaves very little room for learning publicity and marketing…  So far I haven’t even mastered Facebook!  I guess the name of the game is TRUST–and keep moving!

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