Miracle Messages

Here is the Afterword from Miracles and Messengers, describing the arrival of the messages sent by the “angel guide” calling himself “Compassion, Peace and Love”:


On May 31, 1988, when “Compassion, Peace and Love” began to communicate with me, this angel presence moved the pen in my hand. Then, when I became more trusting, I began to hear a gentle voice that seemed to have its own personality and even a sense of humor.  In less than a year, between June 1 and December 25, 1988, five book-length messages were dictated to me by this angel guide. He also took over the second half of my diary and dictated that as well.  (See “Timeline for taking Dictation” which follows this note.)

However, the first three messages were dictated between June 1 and June 30, 1988, a period of 30 days!  (I was a gangbusters typist in those days.)  It was a month with two full moons and therefore the nonprofit foundation later set up by my friends, Joann Baumann and Al Welch, became the Foundation for Miracles Full Moon Institute, known as Miracles Institute, now run admirably by Joann Baumann in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  All proceeds from the sale of Miracles and Messengers go to this nonprofit foundation, to support the prisoner ministry and transitional living recovery programs there.

I was told in 1988 that “Miracles and Messengers,” as dictated at that time, was meant for beginners, for people like me, and would include information about A Course in Miracles for ordinary people, in some cases for those who were, or might at some point be, attracted to the A Course in Miracles teaching.  Al Welch published several thousand copies of “Miracles and Messengers” for Miracles Institute.

Altogether, twenty-five years have now passed and all copies of that first printed message, “Miracles and Messengers,” have been distributed during Joann Baumann’s classes at the county jail and through her by-mail prisoner ministry. A few were sold to the public.

When I sat down at the computer, planning to retype the manuscript in order to have it published again, I found it would not be that simple. “Compassion, Peace and Love” seemed unperturbed that years have passed by, but the guidance was clear.  Some changes would have to be made.  This was no longer the “New Age,” said this gentle teacher, but the “Age of Miracles.”  And the message would now be expanded and revised to speak to a wider audience, “for many more need to hear.”

Therefore, Miracles and Messengers has undergone some revisions.  Apparently we humans are in need of a transformation and that transformation has become exceedingly critical.

This message, then, is the result: Miracles and Messengers, Transforming Your Life Now, with commentary on A Course in Miracles, by a guide and friend, “Compassion, Peace and Love.”  We are guided to a personal transformation, an individual change of mind that will affect everyone and everything, because all minds are joined, for Mind is One.

The second dictated message, The Miracle Teachings of “Compassion, Peace and Love,” is focused on individual transformation and A Course in Miracles.  It consists of questions dictated to me, along with some of my own, and the answers given by this angel guide for everyone who feels called to read and explore its message. It also contains some initial notes or diary entries which I jotted down during the early days of the channeling, or taking of dictation, about that unexpected and surprising experience in my life.

My hesitation later, with regard to publishing the messages I received, and the fear that subsequently arose, I cannot readily explain or speak of here. But “now is the time” is the message I received in the spring and early summer of this year, 2014, and it is enough for me.   Compassion, Peace and Love was an adamant angel guide then, and he is still adamant today.  This is a “critical” time and more minds need to hear this now.

When the dictation by the angel guide began in 1988, I had been a serious student of A Course in Miracles for more than a year, reading the text with a miracles group that met once a week and doing a lesson a day at home on my own.  I was, and am, always a beginner.

Thank you for being here!

I love you with all my heart!

We will all come home!


Pamela Schueller

September, 2014


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