A gift from Buchenwald – and life today

“We had to live in the present; each moment had to be absorbed for all that was in it, to satisfy the hunger for life…When a ray of sunshine comes, open out, absorb it to the depths of your being. Never think that an hour earlier you were cold and that an hour later you will be cold again. Just enjoy.
“Latch on to the passing minute. Shut off the workings of memory and hope. The amazing thing is that no anguish held out against this treatment for very long. Take away from suffering its double drumbeat of resonance, memory and fear. Suffering may persist, but already it is relieved by half. Throw yourself into each moment as if it were the only one.”–And There Was Light, Jacques Lusseyran, a blind man in the French Resistance.

I am scheduled for hip replacement surgery June 24th. Something new will happen with the third book, though I do not know yet what that will be. I read and wait for inspiration to come. I have no timeline now, just the present, whatever IS in each moment…doctor and dental appointments, a week’s vacation, and “things to be done” whenever the opportune time arrives…in other words, an ordinary life.

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One Response to A gift from Buchenwald – and life today

  1. Steve Collins says:

    An ordinary life? I hardly know what that means. If you have it figured out take ahold of it, embrace it, and enjoy it; you sure have it coming! Come June 24 you will meet the end of ordinary for a while. May the Lord be with you and bless you as you face the days ahead.


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