“The Theory of Everything”

I saw the movie about Stephen Hawkins and family today. He wanted to find the scientific Answer, to the riddle of the universe. The movie was many things and I was moved by it. The first half of the second book is nearly done, though not the cover. And I’ve run into some formatting glitches that have to be worked out. My eyes can barely focus and need eye exercises that I forget to do.
I welcome comments. Thank you for the one I have just received. No doubt we can turn everything to the one goal of experiencing wholeness and inner peace.
The second book contains my diary during the first month when the first three books were dictated. I’d forgotten a great deal. The peace I felt during that time was a gift. A miracle, perhaps? I thought it would last forever. It did not. Spiritual Guides, too, have a “theory of everything,” and they go about offering it to us, each in their own way, as an experience that, in time, brings certainty, and lasting peace and joy. We all participate in the experiment in our own way, however we can. I hope this book will help at least one person to find that peace and experience being wholly joyous. I would love to have it published during the month of February, if all goes well.

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