The days have been slip-sliding right into January, and I am two weeks behind my editing schedule for book two. But I have seen stories during this holiday season about those who have carried on and not turned back, and as we all do when we are able, I am going ahead with the project, book two: The Miracle Teachings…

A line from a poem by Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky: “All I now say is safe to Drink.” And from another poem in his book The Subject Tonight is Love also by Hafiz/Ladinsky:

My only duty that now remains
To this world
Is from every direction
To forever serve you wine and

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  1. Mark Dresang says:

    I have left one or two comments for you, on either your blog, or website, and I wonder if you have read them. Just yesterday I began rereading your “Miracles and Messengers” from years back. Also, I am leaning towards the Cayce material, at the moment, as it does a good job of combining Buddhism (karma & reincarnation) and Christianity, and I’m fascinated with the idea that Jesus awoke, and was enlightened, and had the realization as explained in the Cayce “trance material” (i.e., “readings”), and Buddha, also enlightened, had a “secular” version of that experience. I need to mull that over for a while. Ciao for now.


    • Mark, thanks! The original “Miracles and Messengers” has been updated, expanded and edited because 25 years have gone by, and the original was meant to be a limited edition, suitable for our prison ministry classes and some local distribution at the time. think you will like the second one that I am working on now, because it is a more in depth dictation concerning the more confrontational and perplexing spiritual principles (such as “There is no world”) with detailed explanations by the guide. Also it contains early diary entries which detail my channeling experience during the first 30 days, when the first three books were written. And it definitely allows for an experience for those who might say, “But I don’t believe in God!” or follow a more Eastern tradition. It’s in question-and-answer form which is also an interesting experience of channeling. (I hope to have it completed by the end of January and available in February for sure!)


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