Vacations, Holidays, Disinterested Parties & The Writing Life

I have been away from the computer for five days: a three-day trip and two days upon return, including 4 holiday events 4 days in a row, meeting a local writer, and a Packer game thrown in for good measure. The three F’s can challenge any writer or editor: friends, rich food and brain fog (or fluctuating blood sugar levels). The holidays are a challenge! It took a whole morning to get reoriented and back to formatting book 2.

Everyone I know is NOT interested in the first book, Miracles and Messengers. My old friends are not A Course in Miracles advocates or particularly interested in inspirational guidance received by me through channeled messages. That means they will not be interested in books 2 through 6 either. Had to think about that for a while. I am taking Barbara Kingsolver’s advice:

“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.”
– Barbara Kingsolver

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2 Responses to Vacations, Holidays, Disinterested Parties & The Writing Life

  1. Mark Dresang says:

    Wendy finished, and I have started, “Journey Without Distance: The story behind A Course in Miracles” by Robert Skutch. I think this will help me with some background in preparing to read some of your materials. The book sort of “fell off the shelf” about three/four days ago. M.D.


    • Yes! Books do sometimes “fall off the shelf”! Mine was a book that had fallen on the sidewalk and when I found it, not another person was in site on the entire street, so I took it home and read it and it was my first introduction to the Course.


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