Already December 8th!

“Tell the readers a story! Because without a story, you are merely using words to prove you can string them together in logical sentences.”
– Anne McCaffrey

Book Two: The Miracle Teachings… First edit done. Formatting begun. This formatting is somewhat more complicated than Miracles and Messengers, since it is a combination of questions channeled by the guide and then answered, plus notes I took and a diary I kept, which tell the story of my experience of what was happening to me.

I don’t read much else, because my eyes get tired after four to six hours a day of editing or formatting. But an old friend recently reminded me of how much I like Hafiz, as translated by Daniel Ladinsky for the modern world. The beginning of one poem, “The Theater of Freedom,” begins with words that reflect what the dictation I received seems to be doing:

In my divine studio
What I have been working on is this:

Painting the Truth
A more realistic picture of God…

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3 Responses to Already December 8th!

  1. Mark Dresang says:

    Did I mention that I have picked off a shelf of our living room, Journal Without Distance, by Robert Skutch. It is wetting my appetite in regards to ACIM, after an hiatus of interest. Also, a friend who has studies ACIM, mentioned the name of Mary Ann Williamson. Pamela, she, too, it seems, writes to clarify ideas from The Course. I am not familiar with that name. It seems like a gentleman, whose last name was something like Riordan, was quite popular a few years back.
    Ciao for now. M.D.


    • Yes, Journey without Distance…fine introduction. Miracles and unusual circumstances surrounding A Course in Miracles (ACIM) did peak my interest originally, too.
      And my experience of taking dictation had some similar elements…whether they were miraculous or just coincidental (or some of both). The Miracle Teachings of a Guide, “Compassion, Peace and Love” will have diary entries included, and the readers will, of course, decide for themselves!


      • Mark Dresang says:

        I’ve got so many books going, presently, that the old version of “Miracles and Messengers” is in the pile (I suffer from piles). I thought you side-stepped the reincarnation issue. The Cayce trance material (i.e., “readings”) seems to categorically say that reincarnation is a part of the whole ball of wax. I perceive a conflict between your perspective, and the Cayce viewpoint. Perhaps that has been remedied in the newer version of Miracles and Messengers. Mk.


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