Editing while listening

PAM 09-5

Editing a dictated message by an angel guide or guidance, when self-published, means there is no editor sending me suggestions for revisions. The guidance itself may insert suggestions as I go along and that is difficult to explain. Other editing consists of clarifying an idea or chosing another word to avoid repetition or adding something to improve the flow of the sentence. A page or two may be edited in a short time, or a paragraph may seem too vague or appear to have something missing that would bring it up to date, or not seem to be connected to the paragraph at hand. That may take more time and I may need to sit still for a while until the needed words flow in. Ocasionally, I insert a question and wait to see if an answer is supplied. Later, however, during a second reading, the guide may remove it. Again, I can’t explain, as it is not how my everyday mind works. However, it does seem to be more internalized, intuitive and integrated than it was in the beginning, in l988.
To successfully market the messages, I would apparently need a more interactive website, with a broader theme, and various articles and information that would interest those of you who visit, and also, a newsletter, and in it promotions and free give aways and special offers that would attract customers and offer what is of value to you/them. I read articles on marketing now and wonder how much time and energy and other resources I could devote to that part of the adventure, while still continuing to edit and publish the messages themselves.
This second one, “The Miracle Teachings of an Angel Guide,” keeps me turning pages, because in it are diary entries from 1988, which tell me about my experience. I had forgotten so much about what happened and why and how! The Diary entries interest even me and keep me coming back to edit from one day to the next. I wonder what the carrot on the end of the stick will be for Book Three?
Anyone is welcome to contact me and share what your interests are and what kind of blog, with what kinds of information, would keep you coming back for more? Contact me at: joyfulpam539@gmail.com

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