A day in the life of a secretary/scribe/channel…

What does a secretary/scribe/editor’s day look like?  I wake up at six or seven, make a cup of coffee, sit at the computer and begin to edit.  My cell phone is turned off and I live alone. I edit for an hour or two or three and then have breakfast.  Then edit until eleven or twelve or one in the afternoon.  For a break I run to the post office, or the bank, or the supermarket, though that is last on my list.  Then I make lunch and edit again until three or four or five or six.  Sometimes my eyes give out.  One morning a week I meet friends for breakfast.  Three evenings a week I work out at a fitness center.  One afternoon I meet with a writer’s group in a home, an intimate affair, a gathering of like-minded friends.  I have squeezed in hours of studying marketing tips, relearning Facebook, exploring Twitter, and messaging acquaintances, telling them one book is out and available now.  Twice I have had a self-taught computer expert come to help me out.  My newly purchased Kindle arrived in the mail yesterday.  It needed a WI-Fy thingamabob and another gadget to pick up or send out the signal.  It has a name I can’t remember.  It’s very cute.

Of course, I’ve no time to read them, but I would like to download a number of books on the Kindle.  I usually watch an hour or more of  T.V., off and on, after dinner, and go back to the computer until 12:30 or 1 in the morning.  By then I’m tired enough to sleep.  My mid-morning snack is yoghurt with fruit and cheerios sprinkled on the top, for crunch.  In the afternoon it’s a handful of chips and half of a small diet coke.  Most Sundays I take the morning off and go to the Healing Center.  When there’s no food in the house, I shop.  Both the paperback and the e-book had to be revised this week.  On page  1 the date read 1998.  It is supposed to read 1988.  The mistake was mine. There were also a few minor changes.   I put the corrected e-book version through at 2 a.m. this morning.  The new version is available now.  Mail is stacked on the table.  I haven’t opened my mail for a week.

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