Vacation Over: Keep Truckin’ !

PAM 04-5
Fall has been glorious! Five days away: Visited the Foundation, gave Joann the first royalty check. YEAH! Saw play with old friends, “The Color Purple.” So well staged, a musical gem. These friends willingly bought Miracles and Messengers as a contribution to the nonprofit foundation which serves their community. Then visited family, always heartwarming and hospitable and energetic. And now back. With minimal reformatting, submitted e-book file to Kindle ( about midnight last night. (Ignore community users answers to questions. Follow KDP instructions or email them for help.) I couldn’t follow KDP instructions easily, either, but stumbled on the right spot eventually. (If createspace has done the paperback, transfer to Kindle e-book is easier, it seems to me.) E-book should be available on Kindle within 24 hours! Will continue to edit The Miracle Teachings today and dip my toe further into advertising and marketing, which is almost like playing Blind Man’s Bluff. Eventually my brain might touch on the right stuff. I sit still at times, making room for common sense and inspiration to slip in.

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