Books Arrive!

Well, who knows what’s going to happen next? When I checked online, I found no update saying the books that I ordered had been printed. But then, yesterday, a box of books arrived at the post office. Surprise! I have already started editing the next manuscript, The Miracle Teachings of A Guide, but now this elephant sits in the room with me, with words tatooed on its chest: ADVERTISING AND MARKETING. I’ve reviewed some articles through Writer’s Digest and Createspace online, and saved a bunch to read later…er, now, that is…but instead I sorted out my winter clothes and began to pack the summer ones away. Why can’t writers just WRITE! And editors just edit! I’m two years old again, kicking my heels against the floorboards and screaming at the top of my lungs–metaphorically speaking, of course! I signed up to have a table at a local fair in a nearby small town, in December, a sort of suicide mission. Almost everyone in small towns already belongs to a traditional church and has no interest in a new slant on things spiritual and transformational…but there are always a few, I hope. Anyway, I’ll find out then!

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