Highjacked computer repaired, final publisher check on “Miracles and Messengers” pending

What a relief!  Radio Shack cleared my hard drive of viruses and pop up ads and installed new virus protection and answered all my questions on how to prevent this happening again…until the next new scam or tactic comes along!  (The invaders get 2 cents for every ad they pop up on a computer screen, so if they pop them up often on a million computers, like every two minutes while I’m trying over and over to bring up the screen I want…then blocking my screen with ads must pay their rent or support their family somewhere in the world.)  The ones who highjacked the browser, well I cancelled my credit cards and suspended online banking and started a proceeding through the credit card company…and all that jazz!

Final template of corrected manuscript was delayed one day, but I forwarded it to the Createspace team last night and in 24 hours they will let me know if it’s a “go” — if it meets all their requirements.  June to September – four months of learning the Microsoft Word 2010 and the Createspace systems, so that “Miracles and Messengers” gets published real soon, and I know that I can aim for the goal:  key in, edit, and ready for publication, one at a time, the next five messages before October 1st of 2015.   It’s amazing that anyone willing  and able can now learn how to do it and get a book published.  The question is, does anyone have an interest?  Will anyone buy it or read it?  I do have my doubts about that.  Can I believe the guidance when it said I was not to have any concern on that score?  I know my schedule leaves very little room for learning publicity and marketing…  So far I haven’t even mastered Facebook!  I guess the name of the game is TRUST–and keep moving!

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