Day One Update: No kidding! My browser’s been “highjacked.”

Unbelievable!  Scammer Ads and “we’ll help you” scams blocking my screens, even a bogus email from Microsoft telling me to change my passwords (no doubt so they can be captured by whoever is roaming about in my browser, on a spree).  And now warnings from Microsoft and Chrome.  Apparently I fell for a scam.  Now, how do I trust anybody online?  They all make their sites look legitimate.  I cancelled my online banking, cancelled by credit cards and I refuse to let anyone have access to my computer online.  I’m taking the hard drive to Radio Shack.  I’ll be taking a disc to the library tomorrow, to begin editing the first manuscript of the five I intend to prepare and publish in 365 days–starting today, October 1st.  I WILL publish these messages, inspite of whatever challenges seem to arise!

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