Jackie, a “Starr” in my sky!

Today we will gather to celebrate Jackie Starr’s life and all she gave us and is giving us still. If it were not for Jackie, these book-length messages may never have seen the light of day, might still be in plastic tubs in the back of my garage.  I met Jackie for lunch one day, earlier in the year, and mentioned that years ago I’d taken six dictated messages about discovering peace and joy in our lives, from a “voice” I heard, a sort of invisible angel guide.

Immediately Jackie had a reaction. “Ooh, I’m tingling all over with energy,” she said.  “You know I’m a psychic.  It’s clear to me you should publish these messages.”

I protested, of course. “But it’s been twenty-five years!  I don’t know if it’s my assignment any more!”

Jackie was quiet for a moment. Then she smiled the widest smile I’ve ever seen and nodded her head.  “It is,” she said. “It absolutely is your assignment.  And I can see that people will be helped by it.”  And so, dearest Jackie, because of you I hauled those typed, wilted manuscripts out of storage at last and allowed the voice into my awareness again.  The books will be published and your faith and certainty and love will continue to reach out into the world, even to those you have never met or known.  Thank you, Jackie Starr!  The eternal continuity of your love, your willingness to extend yourself, is a light in this world!

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