Head spinning, but I will survive!

This summer was my testing ground.  One manuscript of inspired, dictated spiritual teachings, four months to  update, edit, and format  it for my chosen publishing channel,   Createspace.  Why Createspace.com?  Because I can self-publish there for free.  Plus, now,  this week and next, comes the art of introducing myself to marketing and platforms, as well as re-introducing myself to social networking.  All of it at once.  (I’ll need a three-drawer filing cabinet, just for all the user names and passwords!)   No one else is going to market this message, to get the word out about Miracles and Messengers.  Not yet, anyway.  About every half hour I throw up my hands.  There’s just the angel guidance and me.  And he isn’t learning the nuts and bolts of self-publishing!

Createspace notifies me that the cover and interior files for the manuscript I’ve been working on all summer have been approved at last.  An acquaintance and neighbor, Leda Robertson of instantsoflight.com, agreed to do the cover for me.  THAT alone should be classified as a miracle!  Tonight I have ordered the PROOF copy, which should arrive in just over a week.  So this stumbling neophyte has seven or eight days more to get some marketing and networking avenues in place, and begin to catch up with whatever I’ve neglected and ignored, before the final Proof arrives and screams like a two-year-old demanding attention–needing to be thoroughly reviewed one last time!  The guidance continually says to just go for it, and ignore the fear.  It’s only taken me twenty-five years to hear that.

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