Createspace, wordpress, facebook, twitter! Formatting, blogging, networking, marketing…WHERE’S THE CHOCOLATE?

Learning the vocabulary alone for all these sites, I feel like I’m swimming the English Channel and barely able to make it.  Front matter, back matter, headers, footers, embedded this’s and that’s, PDF formatting, pixels, alignment, HTTPS, gutter margins, tags, dashboards, categories….I never saw a computer in school.  When I did see one, I thought they were typewriters without a carriage return.  Well, I’m learning!  I don’t have the money to pay to have six messages published, both the interiors and the covers, so I decided it doesn’t matter how many times I have to read the instructions and google “What is it?”  I WILL LEARN.  Or learn to ask for help!  I’m determined to self-publish these, using Amazon’s Createspace, where any brave souls can do it themselves. 

Yesterday, on, I read and re-read (and re-read again) the specifics of purchasing a domain and finally did it.  I was forced to decide, because my summer “test run,” the first formatted manuscript, was ready for Createspace’s final review, and I wanted to include the exact name of the new blog.   Now it’s just “”   But so far,  the actual blog is just a few bare bones.  And I will be waiting for the proof copy of this first book, Miracles and Messengers, Transforming Your Life Now,  while I work on the blog.  All the books are part of my amazing experience, in June of 1988, when in just 30 days, I received the first three book-length messages, dictated by an unseen, invisible “guide and friend,” a voice from out of time.  And another three book-length messages before December 25th of that same year.  (And yes, it did turn my life upside down, so I say, don’t pray for a sudden bolt of light, pray instead for a gradual, long-term awakening and save yourself a whole barrel full of challenges you didn’t expect.)

All that I’ll have to explain later.  As for now, how in the heck do I use my new Facebook Page?!

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