Can I do it in one year? Am I crazy?


I will start October 1st.  That should give me a few more weeks to wrap up publication of the first book, “Miracles and Messengers, transforming your life now,” and that leaves five book-length messages to go.  I can’t imagine why I am doing this.  It took me four months to learn some basic skills on Word 2010 for editing a manuscript, plus self-publishing skills, liked how to save, transfer and edit using the free Createspace template, etc.  Really, this is probably some kind of insanity.  For four of the manuscripts, all I have are paper copies.  Luckily, the first of the 5 books I retyped and savedt on a floppy disc some years back, and a local library had a converter to convert the floppy to a CD. (Who knew?)   I will start with that, after I learn how to get this blog up and running.  More to learn!  My head is spinning just from trying to learn and set up a few simple things.  What is a tag?  And where are the widgets?  How can I get a picture here?  Someone else set up my previous websites.  Yikes!  Today is September 16.  Two weeks to October 1st.  YIKES!


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